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Crackerjack Palace is back in action with new members Stephanie Martin on vocals and guitar, and Diego Vitello on drums and vocals (see article below).  Here's our recently recorded cover of The Beatles "new" song, Now And Then (with photos by James Davidson and special thanks to Harry Guenther).  

See you at a gig soon!

Great news!

The Jack is Back!

Crackerjack Palace is back in action.

As many of you know, our beloved drummer/vocalist Grant Heywood moved to New Brunswick with his family in September, after playing with CJP for 13 years. Playing with Grant made us a better band.

After taking 3 months to work on rebuilding a new CJP, we are thrilled to announce that the band is being joined by 2 new members:

Steph Martin hails from St Marys where she lives with her partner Cam. She will provide vocals and rhythm guitar for CJP. Steph is a well-known local musician/singer-songwriter who plays frequent solo gigs in the area as well as performing in several other bands. She is the owner of Deep Waters Music (originally in Mitchell, now in St. Marys) where she teaches and produces music. She is pictured below with her pink mic cord!

Diego Vitello is our new drummer and vocalist. Born in New Hamburg, he and his wife Rita now reside in St Agatha. Diego works at Expressway Ford and has promised that all members of the band get a 50% discount on all new Ford vehicles! Also, you can never have too many Italians in the band!

Please help us welcome Steph and Diego to Crackerjack Palace!

We already have a couple of bookings and are excited to start playing again. Stay tuned for dates.

Also, in a few days we will release a video of an exciting new cover song! We look forward to performing this song live for everyone soon!

​​​Crackerjack Palace is a classic rock cover band formed in 2004.  They cover songs from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to Steely Dan and The Eagles.  They focus on authentic reproductions of the original tracks from the 60's, 70's & beyond.  They continue to add new songs to their performance set lists.


LINEUP-front row: Tom Elliott, Stephanie Martin
back row L-R: Barry Klein, Mark Diotallevi, Dean Jutzi, Diego Vitello
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